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Life Lagoon Refresh presented at the Life SERESTO Final Conference


On 11 April 2018, the Final Conference of the LIFE SERESTO project was held at Rome. The project has been coordinated by Ca’ Foscari University, now Association Partner of the LIFE LAGOON REFRESH project.  ISPRA and the Interregional Superintendency for Public Works in Veneto – Trentino Alto Adige – Friuli Venezia Giulia have been Partners of the LIFE SERESTO project, too.

The LIFE SeResto project (LIFE12 NAT/IT/000331) aimed to trigger a process of aquatic angiosperm recolonization in SIC IT3250031 “Northern Lagoon of Venice”, mainly through the transplantation of Zostera marina and Zostera noltei to small sites distributed throughout the area.

One of the Conservation Actions of LIFE LAGOON REFRESH consists on transplanting of small clumps of Ruppia cirrhosa, Zostera noltei and Z. marina, after hydraulic works and morphologic reconstruction, aimed to accelerate the development of wide seagrass beds, typical of the 1150* Habitat in good ecological status. The transplantation techniques and the most suitable seasons for LIFE LAGOON REFRESH were chosen based on the experience gained in the LIFE SERESTO project

During the Conference, the objectives and restoration actions envisaged by LIFE LAGOON REFRESH were presented and a comparison with other European projects to restore the transition environments, that took place at the conference in the "EU Project for Lagoon Restoration" session, was made.

Other LIFE projects, presented at the conference and involved in the restoration of lagoon habitats, were: LIFE EBRO – ADMICLIM, which illustrated pilot measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the Ebro Delta on the Mediterranean coast of Spain; LIFE BARGE, concerning the preservation and restoration of the Bay of Aiguillon on the French Atlantic coast. During the Conference, the LIFE SEPOSSO project, which aims to improve the Italian governance of Posidonia oceanica transplants, was also presented.

At the end of the sessions, valuable ideas for reflection and deepening were also provided by professor Mike Elliott of Hull University, UK.
For more info on the LIFE SERESTO project, please visit the website