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Course of recognition and monitoring of aquatic birds


On October and November 2019, the avifauna experts from ISPRA held a basic course on the monitoring of water birds within the framework of the Life Lagoon Refresh project. The course was offered free of charge by the Project and guested by the Veneto Region in Ve-Mestre (Venice). 

The course aimed to introduce the Life Lagoon Project and its objectives and to transfer the basic knowledge on the themes and methodologies of the census activity and on how to recognize the water species more easily contactable in the Northern Adriatic Sea. During three intense afternoons (18th, 25th October and 8th November), the 38 participants, hosted by the Veneto Region, received notions about: the institutional resources that govern the censuses of birdlife, both globally and locally; the importance of the role of human resources; techniques and methods of counting. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to learn especially about the aquatic birds, going to deepen the differences between the various, more common and easily contactable species. Each of them received a certificate of participation and the “Guide of the birds of Europe”, 4th version published by Ricca Ed.. 

We are very proud of our students, very passionate and curious people, of various extraction, age and training, eager to learn and increase their knowledge on the issues related to water birds. The course aroused much interest by highlighting the desire to learn and the passion of the participants who, since the first exchanges, have shown great fervour and attention throughout the course. 

Considering the broad consensus of the participants and the suggestions received during and after the course, we do not exclude the possibility of replicating the initiative.

For all those who are interested in participating in this kind of activities, please visit our website and social pages to remain updated. Actually, other events on the subject of birdlife are coming, for example… a photo hunt!