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Hydraulic works and Morphologic reconstruction started


The Life Lagoon Refresh project comes alive. Construction work has begun on Actions C1 “Hydraulic works” and C2 “Interventions for morphological reconstruction” (Conservation Actions C)

The construction of the hydraulic system is being prepared with the definition of the site area and the preparation of the by-pass of bicycle line for the trucks passage. The freshwater intake from the Sile river to the Lagoon will be realized through the construction of an outlet channel on the right embankment of the Sile river, a crossing section with two parallel pipes, and a return channel in the lagoon.  For the morphological part in the lagoon, in the shallow bottom in front of the freshwater intake area, the phase of construction of the first extract has begun: it consists of the driving of lines of wooden poles inside which the bags in degradable coconut fibre are housed.

These structures will limit the dispersion of the fresh water and will be used as a substrate for planting the reed.

The term of these works is expected by the end of 2019. Both these Conservation Actions will lead to the achievement of one of the most important objectives of the project: the recreation of the typical ecotonal environment in the transitional zone between mainland and lagoon now lost in most of the Venice Lagoon.

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