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E.2: Dissemination to specialistic public

There are two distinct sub-actions:

  •  E.2.1 Communication to specific targets (water managers, technicians of public institutions, researchers, university professors and students) with the preparation of technical-scientific publications, organization / participation in conferences, seminars and guided visits to the intervention sites.
  • E.2.2 Networking with existing networks and projects, with exchange of information and best practices, in particular with competent public authorities or projects that present technical similarities or comparable intervention areas.


Synergy with the following projects will be developed as part of this action:

• LIFE12 NAT/IT/000331 SERESTO, for aspects related to the transplantation of seagrasses (C.4 Action) and the re-construction of the 1150* habitat in the same Site of Community Importance;

• LIFE12 NAT/IT/001122 VIMINE, with the aim of effectively and lastingly counteract the ongoing erosive dynamics in the Venice Lagoon through the morphological recovery of salt marshes and, in particular, for the good practices of construction and implementation of biodegradable works in prevention perspective (C.2 Action);

• other LIFE projects concerning lagoon management (eg. LIFE AGREE in Sacca di Goro, Ferrara, Italy).