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C.2 Morphologic reconstruction


Morphological interventions will be carried out by means of modular elements, mainly biodegradables, positioned on the lagoon shallow bottom in front of the freshwater intake area (C.1 Action). The best configuration is defined in order to slow down the dispersion of freshwater introduced into the lagoon and to allow the establishment of a salinity suitable for the development of the reedbeds.

The altimetry and planar configuration of the structures were defined in detail on the basis of:

  • bathymetry of the area;
  • the presence of residual salt marshes in the intervention area, with which create continuity;
  • preliminary numerical simulations.

The mixing of fresh and marine waters will take place slowly and gradually, also through filtration through the modular structures and the opening gates left in the design configuration.

Periodic maintenance and possible restoration of damaged parts are scheduled.