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C.1 Hydraulic works

The activity consists of freshwater intake from the Sile river to the Lagoon, through the construction of an uptake along the bank of the lagoon, in the Trezze area.

The activity is divided into two phases which include, respectively:

  • C.1.1 the construction and maintenance of the hydraulic works
  • C.1.2 the management of fresh water flows

The Hydraulic work, located on the right embankment of the Sile river, is composed by an outlet channel, a crossing section, made by two parallel pipes, and a return channel in the lagoon. The preliminary dimensions were assessed evaluating the water level differences between the river and lagoon, taking into account tidal oscillations present both in the lagoon and along the terminal part of the fluvial course.

The regime discharge, of about 1,000 l/s, was assessed as the amount of fresh water:

  • Able to restore the salinity gradient and the establishment of intertidal areas vegetated by reeds;
  • Loading a nutrient amount removable by reed beds. The project (C.3 Action) will contribute to establish a fully developed reedbed in order to avoid eutrophication;
  • Suitable not to interfere with the uses of the Sile river downstream of the diversion (drinking water, irrigation, ecological aspects).

The regime discharge will be regulated in phases, through a specific action (C.1.2 Action), with modulation of the flow rate aimed at favoring and supporting the establishment of the reedbed area. This regulation will be evaluated through modelling activities (A.2 action).

The containment of fresh water diffusion in the area, aimed at maintaining a salinity adequate to establish and structure the reedbed, is achieved through the morphological reconstruction described in C.2 Action.