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After-LIFE: training activities for high school students continuing

On Thursday, March 30th 2023, the training activity began for students of the Scientific High School "Veronese-Marconi" of Chioggia (Venice), winners of the ISPRA Call for PCTO 2021-2023. After a series of classroom lessons dealing with transitional waters, monitoring of lagoon environment, as well as the objectives and actions of LIFE Lagoon Refresh, and the field survey in the project area, carried out during the school year 2021-2022, the students attended the activity of macrozoobenthos sorting and recognition. During the field survey, they collected organisms by samplings, and then they learnt how to recognize them by stereomicroscope, to discover who lives in the soft bottoms of the lagoon, starting to know something about biology and ecology of some species. In addition to the macrozoobenthos laboratory, the students could also map a part of the reedbed of the LIFE Lagoon Refresh, by using data gathered by themselves on the field trip. Next lessons will involve them in the amazing world of the processing of salinity data in waters collected in field by a multiparameter probe.