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D.3: Monitoring of target bird species

Action D.3 is aimed at defining the conservation status of bird species target for the project and evaluating their trend within the area where is expected the reedbed development in consequence of the Project interventions.

In particular, the monitoring activity is aimed at verifying the increase of bird species characteristics of reedbed environment and the progressive structuring of this community.

To this purpose, a diversified monitoring approach is adopted, taking into consideration different bird species and the entire annual cycle, in order to consider any component of the total population (nesting, migratory and wintering species).

The Action is subdivided into three activities:

  • Activity 1: survey of the relative abundances of the passerines;
  • Activity 2: absolute census of aquatic bird fauna;
  • Activity 3: crepuscular survey  for the identification of the Eurasian Bittern (Botaurus stellaris)

Monitoring activity will be carried out before the interventions, for the definition of the initial status, and after the completion of the conservation Actions, for the assessment of the effects of  conservation actionson target bird fauna.