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A.5 – Stakeholder sharing

This action concerns the stakeholder involvement, especially amateur Hunter and Fishermen associations from the Northern Venice Lagoon.

That will be realized through two sub-actions:

  • A.5.1: organization of meetings with the aim of explaining Project objectives and the importance of protecting the target species. Discussions about current hunting and fishing regulations will take place with stakeholders and a sharing path will be created in order to identify possible improvements to regulations and good practices of hunting and fishing specific to the Project area. In this context, the aim is to spread self-awareness in compliance with protection rules. All these activities are preparatory to C.5 Action.


  • A.5.2: Fishermen and hunters will be involved in the reed and seagrass transplant actions (C.3 and C.4 Action), thus raising awareness on the conservation and restoration of habitats and species.

A training course will be organized in order to involve about thirty stakeholders. The content will regard:

- Project objectives

- Basic knowledge about lagoon environment, reed and seagrass ecology

- Transplantation methods

- Ecological and biological characteristics of local fish and birds species and their recognition.