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Italian Landslide Inventory (IFFI)


Italian Landslide Inventory (IFFI) is the national and official database on landslides. IFFI has been implemented by ISPRA in collaboration with Regions and Self-Governing Provinces (art. 6 paragraph g of Law 132/2016).

The need to have a national inventory of landslides in Italy has arisen following the catastrophic event of 5 May 1998, which caused heavy damage in the Municipalities of Sarno, Siano, Quindici, Bracigliano and S. Felice a Cancello (Campania Region).

ISPRA since 2005, has published the IFFI Inventory on the Internet with the aim of disseminating information about landslides to national and local administrations, research institutes, geologists, engineers and citizens.

Archiving information on landslides is a strategic activity for a correct territorial planning, taking into account that most landslides are reactivated over time, even after long periods of several years, decades or centuries of quiescence.

The IFFI Inventory is an important base-knowledge tool to assess the landslide hazard of the River Basin Plans (PAI), the preliminary design of slope instability and flood mitigation works as well as protection of infrastructure networks. Moreover, IFFI contributes to the preparation of Civil Protection Emergency Plans.

At present, the IFFI database reports 620,808 landslides occurred in the Italian territory.