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    The Project

    The Project

    PIANO addresses Horizon 2020 work programme topic water-5a-2014 “Strengthening international RI cooperation in the field of water” and specifically the scope “Strategic cooperation partnerships” for water research and innovation between Europe and the rest of the world, promoting the creation of networks of companies (including SMEs), entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers, regulators and funding bodies to create business and social opportunities.
    PIANO aims at strengthening and expanding the existing network of China Europe Water Platform (CEWP). Thereby, PIANO is promoting the creation of a comprehensive China Europe water research and innovation network that particularly will promote strong connections between the CEWP and existing networks of key stakeholders in both China and Europe.
    PIANO has been endorsed by the China Europe water Platform (CEWP) and its 10 active EU Member States: Austria, Denmark, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

    PIANO focuses on technological water innovations and their implementation and replication in China. A comparative study of pressures and measures related to innovation in the European water sector has highlighted the lack of commercial success of innovative water systems.
    There are several barriers that can hamper the replication of technological water innovations which may be related to economic, social, institutional or market aspects. Such challenges for utilizing technological water innovations in practice have been observed worldwide as an evaluation of 60 water and sanitation projects in economically advanced developing countries have shown.