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    Outline of the proposed programme

    The congress will be organized in plenary and topical sessions.

    Plenary sessions will host lectures by outstanding scientists invited by the congress organization in accordance with INQUA Executive Committee. The talks will be focused on wide and comprehensive topics that are linked to the main congress themes, as well as state-ofthe-art and future developments in Quaternary Sciences.

    Topical sessions will derive from bottom-up call for sessions to the global Quaternary community, as well as from input by INQUA Commissions and the congress scientific boards. Topical sessions will include oral and poster presentations. Each oral communication will be 15’ (including questions), but session conveners may propose to fuse two orals in a 30’ one, in case of solicited key papers. Thanks to the availability of 25 seminar rooms with over 100 seats or more, there will be the possibility of running several parallel sessions, allowing up to 3000 oral presentations.

    Posters are regarded as a strategic medium for scientific communication. Conveners will be stimulated to organize poster tours in the dedicated time slot for each session, with the principal author briefly presenting her/his poster on the stand. Conveners will also select five most outstanding posters, which will be granted 3’ for highlights among the oral papers.

    The six plenary sessions will be held in the Aula Magna (1000 seats), which is connected through video conference with two nearby halls with 300 seats each, and several other halls with 250 seats. Web streaming will also be available in the whole campus. As already experienced in recent international congresses at Sapienza University, this facility will guarantee high-quality and comfortable conditions for participants.

    On Monday, July 17th participants will be free to join mid-congress excursions and workshops. The arrival of pre-congress field trips will be on Wednesday, July 12th, while departure for postcongress field trips on Friday, July 21st.

    The INQUA organization cares about quaternary studies as well as family, thus it would be proud to give support to all the participants and their little kids providing a babysitting service for all the duration of the congress.