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    Activities for accompanying person

    Rome is the largest and most impressive open-air museum in the world. It condenses three millennia of history in its architectural and artistic monuments with masterpieces that make it one of the most visited cities in the world. In a blink you will be seduced by the exciting charm of the capital of the ancient Roman Empire
    The list of monuments and places worth visiting is too long to mention, but you can’t miss one of the seven wonders of the modern world: the Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre of the Roman world. The Roman Forum, the religious and political centre of ancient Rome, the Imperial Forums, the Capitoline Hill and the Quirinal are among the best sites to visit. 

    Take a refreshing tour in the aristocratic Villa BorgheseTrevi Fountain and the Fountain of the Four Rivers, located in the historical centre of Rome. Relax in the amazing squares of Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Navona. Visit the Vatican City, the cradle of Catholic Christianity with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel

    Don’t miss a night tour in Trastevere, along the west bank of the Tiber River, with its narrow streets and trendy bars and restaurants where you will taste the famous Italian cuisine, with its selection of tasty wines. The congress icebreaker will take place nearby.

    Finally, take an outdoor tour in the nearby Alban Hills, with their historical villages or relax on the sunny beaches of Ostia.