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    Mountain glaciations


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    Mountain Glaciations

    The glacial amphitheatres located on the southern side of the Alps (northern Italy) represent an archive where Quaternary geologists have attempted to assess the chronology and extent of Alpine glaciations since the 19th century.

    These systems represent the remnants of piedmont lobes flowing from the Alpine chain towards the Po Plain.

    The evidence points to the prominent spread of mountain glaciers since the late Early Pleistocene (MIS 22-20) to the Last Glacial Maximum.

    Their study is a clue for understanding the dynamics of mountain glaciations in temperate areas sensitive to rapid climate changes, thanks to the shape and location of the Alps at the boundary between the Mediterranean Sea and Continental Europe.

    Recent reconstructions indicate geographical and chronological variations in extent of glaciers, suggesting that the mountain systems reacted differently to the climate change from a cold phase to the subsequent.