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    Climate archives


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    Climate ArchivesItaly is extremely rich in valuable continental and marine archives, which contribute to reconstruct environmental and climate changes since the dawn of Quaternary.

    Long and complex successions of lacustrine to fluviatile and glacial deposits (including peat, varves and trunk annual rings) are preserved in the borderlands of the Alps, and in several intermontane and volcanic basins of the Apennines.

    Freshwater carbonates, including speleothems, travertines, calcareous tufa and lake marls, are largely present, providing a particularly rich documentation since the last interglacial. The relationships between climate and human civilization are testified in high altitude records, rocks shelters, and by the millennial history of settlements in alluvial and coastal realms.

    Proximal to distal marine deposits, often including marker horizons such as sapropels, are distributed both on- and offshore. Numerous are also the outcrops of successions documenting transitional sedimentary environments.

    Such a multiplicity of climate archives allows us to develop land-sea stratigraphic correlations, to discuss the interplay of eustatism and tectonics in driving erosional and depositional processes, to understand long-term changes, including projections on how the Earth might respond to future environmental modifications.